Are you considering the possibility of a gas line installation in your home or office? DeMarco Mechanical Service Inc. has the top quality tools and service that you require. Our team of experienced and dedicated professionals strive for complete customer satisfaction and have been servicing the Greater Toronto Area for the last fifteen years. We are the best in the business; providing fast and efficient repairsreplacements, and installations to suit whatever your needs may be.


It is natural for gas lines to wear with age and eventually require a repair or a replacement at least a few times within the lifespan of your home. It is important to make sure that your lines are in healthy a condition in order to maintain the safety of the lines themselves. If you are concerned about a potential gas leak in your home or office one of our inspectors will be able to determine the quality of the gas line and tell you whether or not the line is in an acceptable state or if it will require a repair or a replacement. Do not wait until you can smell gas to call a technician, we can offer you the finest inspection services in the business.

We promise all of our customers the best quality of service possible. With one appointment we will be able to put your mind at ease and tell you the exact state of your gas lines, as well as whether or not steps should be taken in order to keep them functioning at an acceptable level. There is no need to continuously worry about the health of your lines. We are here to remove the stress, and leave you with the best quality products and services there are to offer. DeMarco Mechanical Services Inc. are here to help.


With the current dizzyingly high cost of hydro, the prospect of switching natural gas is becoming a more inviting prospect for countless homeowners with every passing day. A gas line installation, whether it be to your home, your heater or even your barbeque, is a straightforward and relatively inexpensive process which will greatly increase the convenience and efficiency of powering your major appliances. As a cost-efficient possibility, gas lines provide a reliable solution for a number of families and businesses seeking an affordable means of necessary power.

If you are looking for the convenience and efficiency a gas line can offer, you need to look no further than DeMarco Mechanical Services Inc. to fill your needs. Our team of licensed professional technicians is here help you to decide if a gas line installation is right for you. All the gas line installation assistance you could ever need is only one short phone call away.


If you have any questions on gas line installation, would like to receive a quote, or are interested in speaking to an experienced professional call us today at (416) 820-9155 or send us a request for a free estimate.