How do I get my HVAC ready for Spring?

How do I get my HVAC ready for Spring?

  • DeMarco Mechanical

With Spring creeping up quickly, it is necessary to get your HVAC system ready for the warmer weather. A properly functioning cooling system will allow you to keep you and your family comfortable as the weather goes from warm to hot. If you haven’t had your system inspected by an HVAC contractor in some time, this would be a good opportunity to get an inspection and proper maintenance completed to ensure your HVAC system is in perfect running condition. In the meantime there are a few tasks that you can take on yourself that can help speed up the process. Here are some things you can do to get your HVAC ready for Spring:

Clean Around Your HVAC Unit

To maximise the efficiency of your HVAC unit, it is recommended that you clean up any debris in and around the unit that has gathered over the winter season. This includes any leaves, dirt, litter and tree branches. If any of these items clog your HVAC unit, the overall efficiency of your system will diminish and could lead to some serious damage to your system. That is why it is important to clean up any debris found in or around your HVAC to avoid any possible problems.

Vegetation Around the HVAC can be Dangerous

Gardening is an amazing hobby that not only makes people happy, but also benefits the world’s well-being. One thing to remember though is that it is important to be mindful about planting vegetation around your air conditioning unit, specifically within two feet of it. Because the air conditioner unit pulls in air to affect the temperature of your home, it is best not to have anything around your unit that can disrupt this process,  this includes plants.

Replace Air Filters

Air filters are an important aspect of your heating and cooling system as they filter out any dust and allergens that try to enter your ducts and can affect your home’s air quality. Because the air filter’s job is to keep dirt out, they can build up a debri over time, so it is necessary to change them regularly.

Test Your System

Summer is coming up quickly and that means some enjoyable and yet hot temperatures are ahead. Testing out your HVAC system allows you to get ahead of any issues that can cause you to be without air conditioning on an extremely hot day. A good way to test out your air conditioning is by letting your system run for about an hour and then check the different parts of the system for anything  unusual. If there are no issues, you have gained peace of mind, if there are issues, you can have them resolved before you truly need to use your system.

Using the information above, you can easily prepare your HVAC system for the upcoming warm weather. If you experience any issues preparing your HVAC system, contact your local HVAC contractor to help you ensure your system is in working order.