5 Signs You Need to Replace Your AC Unit

5 Signs You Need to Replace Your AC Unit

  • DeMarco Mechanical

The summer months are a great time of the year when families can enjoy the weather and share some valuable time together. But the inability to maintain a cool home during the hot summer months can put a damper on your summer fun and indicate that replacing your AC unit is the next course of action.
Many people do not know exactly what maintenance measures to take in order to get the most out of your AC unit. Homeowners also fail to notice signs that their AC unit needs replacement.

How Long Does an AC Unit Last?

The life span of your AC unit is dependent on a few factors. One of them is how often you use it. Frequent use will reduce your AC unit life expectancy unit to 10-15 years. An air conditioning unit that is not frequently used can last up to an impressive 25 years.
Another determining factor is whether your AC unit receives routine maintenance. If your air conditioner receives checkups and cleaning on a regular basis, it will last longer than the average AC lifespan.

When to Replace Your AC Unit

No homeowner wants to deal with a broken AC unit in the middle of summer. So, here are some key signs that will help you know when it is time to replace your old AC unit with a new one:

1.Inability to Cool the House

A common AC problem is a poor performance. If your AC unit is running but your home remains relatively warm, it is quite likely that your AC unit needs repair or replacement. Nevertheless, still, take the time to ensure that the poor performance of your AC unit is not due to clogged ducts. Check the AC air filter to make sure they are not clogged.

2.Excess Moisture

While all AC units produce some moisture, a well-functioning AC unit is able to handle the moisture. A sign of a failing AC unit in need of replacement is the buildup of moisture or leaks around the AC unit. If you have a leak in your unit, call an air conditioning expert right away and have them assess the problem. The last thing you want is the moisture to attract mold.

3.Odd Noises from Your AC Unit

If you notice that your AC is making more noise when running than usual, you need to have an HVAC technician take a look. They will help you determine if an AC replacement is the answer. Since air conditioner replacement costs are high, make sure replacing your AC unit is absolutely imperative.

4.Higher-Than-Usual Energy Bills

Energy bills that are higher than usual can indicate a faulty AC unit. It is a sign your air conditioner is working in overdrive to keep your home cool. This translates to more expensive energy bills. If this is happening in your home, toss out your old AC unit and replace it with a new one.

5.Dirty Sock Syndrome

If your house smells musty every time you enter it, it means the air filter in your AC unit is not working properly. It might be home to mold, mildew, or even bacteria that has found its way and built up inside your AC system. In this scenario, the recommended course of action is to have your AC unit and air ducts cleaned professionally. If the smell persists, you may want to consider an air conditioning replacement.

By looking out for any sign of trouble with your AC unit, you will be able to improve the life expectancy of your AC unit. If a simple repair does not solve your AC problem, you probably need an air conditioning replacement. Contact Demarco Mechanical and we will help you to determine if your air conditioner needs to be fixed or replaced.