5 Common Furnace Problems & Repairs

5 Common Furnace Problems & Repairs

  • DeMarco Mechanical

As we enter into the winter season, having a reliable furnace allows you to be a little more comfortable in your home. If your furnace begins to make some unusual noises or is not functioning as normal, this is a major cause for concern. If this unfortunate situation does occur to you, it is important to try and resolve the issue quickly.

Below we will look at 5 common furnace problems and how you can potentially rectify them.

1. Your furnace isn’t producing heat

The basic function of a furnace is to reduce the effect of cold inside your home by distributing warm air throughout your house. Therefore, if your furnace doesn’t produce heat, it definitely requires urgent attention.

Potential Solution:

The best furnace repair for this problem depends on the cause. I can be as simple as the fan setting. If the fan setting of the thermostat is switched on, the furnace will not produce heat, but only blow air. In this case, you need to turn off the fan setting for heat to start circulating once more.

Other potential causes include; your heat is set too low, and your air filter is clogged and needs to be replaced. If looking into these issues does not resolve your issue, contact a professional furnace repair company to help you out.

2. Your furnace is leaking water

When a furnace is leaking water, you should note that it has developed a condensation leak. This happens when water forms around the base of the appliance. In most situations, a clogged or broken condensation pipe is behind this issue.

Potential Solution:

A clogged condensation pipe should be able to be unclogged and rectify the leak. However, if the pipe is broken you may be able to replace the pipe or have a professional furnace repair technician to  assist you replace it.

3. Your furnace turns on and off

Another common issue that may occur to you is having your furnace turn on and off. This issue makes it difficult for your furnace to warm air to be distributed throughout your home.

Potential Solution:

A blocked air filter is a common culprit for this issue. Replacing the filter may be an easy fix. However, if the problem persists after replacing the filter, contact a professional furnace repair technician to  assist in diagnosing the issue.

 4. Your furnace is making strange noises

Even when your furnace is working properly, it will make some noise. However, if the noise is new or unusually loud, your furnace may have a problem that requires some attention.

Potential Solution:

Before determining the right furnace repair for a noisy furnace, you may want to have it inspected by a technician. A professional furnace repair technician may be able to diagnose the issue based on the noise itself and if not can run tests to diagnose the issue. Minor service may be all that is required.

5. Your furnace doesn’t turn on automatically

Normally, the thermostat should be able to send a signal to your furnace to turn itself on automatically when the temperature in your home drops below your set value. However, if the circuit breaker or thermostat is not functioning properly, your furnace may not receive the signal to turn on automatically. Lack of fuel, a clogged air filter or a faulty ignition light are other possible causes.

Potential Solution:

The first steps to diagnosing this issue is to inspect the air filter, ignition light, circuit breaker, and thermostat. If it turns out to be a clogged filter or a circuit that needs to be turned on, it’s a simple fix. However, if it is more than that, a technician will be needed to repair or replace the faulty parts.

Repairing a furnace isn’t usually a DIY type project, but if you are comfortable with the basics, you may be able to inspect an issue with your furnace and correct a minor issue yourself. If the problem turns out to be a bit more serious in nature, leave these furnace repairs to the experts.