How To Prepare For A Furnace Installation

How To Prepare For A Furnace Installation

  • DeMarco Mechanical

A furnace can easily last for 20+ years, which means that most people only need to deal with  a furnace installation maybe once or twice in their lifetime. For a furnace replacement to go smoothly proper preparation is required. Most homeowners possess little knowledge about preparing for a furnace installation and this can negatively affect the installation. To ensure your furnace installation goes smoothly, follow the below tips:

1. Evaluate your heating needs

In terms of furnace installations the needs are different from one property to another. This simply means that for every house, there are particular heating needs that your furnace should provide. Your individual needs can only be understood with an evaluation of your usage. An evaluation of your needs will provide you with a furnace that is sure to be able to meet these needs.

2. Cover your air vents 

For proper installment and functionality, a furnace is required to match the airflow of the room.  This is why any opening that can bring in dust, like your air vents should be properly covered. If you discover that your air vents are dirty, it is highly recommended that you clean them prior to the installation. By doing so, you can help prevent dust from entering your new furnace and disrupting its functionality.

3. Clear the work area 

Clearing the work area is an important preparation procedure, as it reduces the risk of damage to your belongings as well as the potential for accidents. By clearing out any items stored around the furnace area, professional installers can work effectively and without obstructions. Ensure that both the work area and the path leading to the work area are cleared to promote accessibility for ease of movement.

4. Remove  any valuables 

To ensure the safety of your belongings and of the installation crew,, we always advise homeowners to remove any valuables that are in the area or along the pathway to help prevent them from getting broken, shattered or damaged in the course of installation. There will be a lot of moving around and it is not unheard of that a vase or picture on a wall gets bumped into.

5. Ask for proof of insurance

All home contractors should have liability insurance to cover any potential mishaps. On top of this they should also have workerman insurance that covers the staff, in case someone gets injured. It is advisable that you ask for your contractor’s insurance papers or proof of insurance  to be certain that if any situation occurs in the course of the job, you will not be held liable. Contractors that are  properly insured not only cover you in a situation where something does not go according to plan, but also shows competency in their professionalism.

You can get the best out of your furnace when you apply these tips before installation. Make sure you are available to oversee your furnace installation in case any other role is required of you by the professionals. Your furnace installation will be more efficient and effective when you are well prepared!